Pianist Savant Playing at 7th Day Adventist Saturday

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Panama City, FL-- Musical performances are nothing new in our area,
but this weekend you have the chance to witness a talent that is one in a billion.

No, that is not a hyperbole.

Leslie Lemke of Wisconsin was diagnosed in infancy with cerebral palsy as well as glaucoma causing him to be blind.

And though he has the intellectual understanding of a two year old, his ability to play the piano is well beyond advanced.

One of the many musical talent's Leslie has is to play a song after hearing it only once.

He can also play any television theme song, even if he has not played it in decades,

"What he does is he listens to what someone else does and then he can repeat and he can hold it indefinitely." Said Peter Trzinski, a Pastor at Seventh Day Adventist Church and someone who has known Leslie for quite some time.

Leslie will perform this Saturday afternoon at 4:30 at the 7th Day Adventist church on Lisenby Avenue off Highway 390.