Pilot Error Blamed For Teutenberg Plane Crash

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Blane Pearson still holds memories of the Teutenberg family very close to him.

"I remember little things about Fred. How he was, you know and what his personality was like" said Blane Pearson.

He considers Fred Teutenberg his best friend and after reading the report from the NTSB, he still can't believe pilot error played a role in the tragic crash.

"He flew that plane a lot. It wasn't just one of those things where it sat there and the family took vacations in it and stuff. He was in it month in and month out. And I just can't imagine that he wasn't doing everything that he knew to do with that plane to land it" said Pearson.

Pearson says he thinks the weight of everything inside the aircraft was also a factor. While it's been eighteen months since the crash - Pearson clearly remembers when he heard the news.

"When we got the phone call my wife tells me I blanked out and fainted and I must have because I was on the floor. I was standing up and then I was on the floor" said Pearson.

Time has made it easier to cope with the crash - but the wounds have still not healed.

"If I get in an involved conversation about Fred or something kind of like now I get a little teary eye or choked up about it" said Pearson.

Pearson says he keeps little reminders of the Teutenbergs all around his office so he never forgets them.