Pink Beards for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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PANAMA CITY BEACH - Real men wear pink.

At least that is what one local man is saying when it comes to breast cancer awareness.

Michael Compton created "Pink Beards for Breast Cancer" to show support for cancer survivors.

Compton started organizing events back in 2010 after his friend's mother was diagnosed with the disease.

The idea is simple: guys dye your hair pink and ladies simply wear pink for a night.

Compton hopes to change the world one pink beard at a time.

"Guys come in with their beard pink or mustaches pink or whatever and it's a hoot, especially when biker types come in. They don't look so mean with a pink beard, so its really, really cool," Compton said.

Pink Beards for Breast Cancer is hosting a Rock and Roll charity event Wednesday night at Club La Vela.

The event starts at 7 p.m. and will include live entertainment and a charity auction.

The money raised will be donated to breast cancer research.