Plans For Crooked Creek Boat Ramp Move Forward

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In spite of many opponents, Bay County Commissioners voted on Tuesday to move forward with plans for a boat ramp into Crooked Creek.

Area homeowners showed up at the meeting wearing "Save Crooked Creek" t-shirts.

The group of about 17 says the ramp would increase traffic, cause erosion, and contribute to a general deterioration of the quality of the creek.

The St. Joe Company gave the county the current piece of land.
Commissioners say the area being used as a boat ramp is close to a busy roadway and bridge and is a liability.

"It certainly is a liability. We've seen tremendous increase in highway traffic on 388, not just with the airport, but also with garbage trucks going to the incinerator. I think something needs to be done about that area," said Commissioner Guy Tunnell.

Commissioners did agree to consider possible no-wake zones for boaters and to get public input before they start putting together construction plans.

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