Police Combat Drugs on Beach

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Local police have been keeping a close eye on any new drug trends that might surface.

Last year, officials say they saw a rise in the use of drug they hadn't heard of before.

"We really didn't see it and we only kinda had an isolated incident last spring break when there was a rave type party behind one of the hotels at the end of spring break," said Capt. Robert Clarkson of the Criminal Investigative Division at Panama City Beach Police Dept.

The drug is called molly.

Clarkson says it's a type of synthetic ecstasy that leave most users feeling overheated and sick. Based on last year's experiences, police were preparing for a possible epidemic.

"You know I heard a lot of talk about molly supposedly going to be a big you know drug of use during spring break but we haven't seen it," said Clarkson.

Instead he says officers are seeing spring breakers turning to the more traditional illegal drugs.

"We see a lot of marijuana," he said, "a lot of marijuana that's probably the mass majority of the drug seizures we see."

He says the city is taking a zero tolerance approach to the issue.

"If we find you in possession, from a joint up to a whole bag of pills we're gonna take you to jail, you're gonna be held accountable for your actions."