Beach Police Remember Only Officer Killed In The Line Of Duty

It was 8 years ago to the day when Sgt. Kevin Kight was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Front Beach Road. Kight pulled over Robert Bailey for a minor traffic violation, but was unaware that Bailey was wanted in Wisconsin for violating his parole.

As Kight approached Bailey's car to give him a ticket, Bailey shot Kight twice, just above the top of his bulletproof vest.

"The way he was shot, there's nothing that could have stopped that," said Chief Drew Whitman. "It's just a freak accident, a tragic event for him, us, and his family."

A jury convicted Bailey of first degree murder. He is now on death row.

Kight is the only Panama City Beach Police officer killed in the line of duty. Whitman says he hopes it will be the last.