Anti-Obama Ad Draws Criticism for Using Stock Footage

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Panama City- We've become accustomed as a nation to political attack ads. The sad faces and financially struggling families tug at our hearts urging us to vote one way or another.

One could only assume the people featured in these powerful videos support the underlying message, or at least know they're in them. Turns out that may not be true in every case.

Actor and comedian Deanna Moffitt found her face attached to new political ad by the SUPER PAC "American Crossroads" that's popping up around Florida.

"I was a little furious to be honest with you. I wasn't asked to be in that ad, and it's actually not a viewpoint that I agree with, so I feel like my face is being used in a way that certainly would not be my intention," said Moffitt.

She said the video came from stock footage she shot two years ago for a friend. Nothing Moffitt told NewsChannel 7 she ever expected would show up during an election let alone one for our commander in chief.

"Completely forgot about it, never thought anything of it," said Moffitt.

It didn't take long for NewsChannel 7 to find where her photographer friend originally uploaded her video. You can find it on the stock video site The price just $75.

NewsChannel 7 contacted American Crossroads directly Tuesday looking for answers.

"Where did that video come from?" asked NewsChannel 7's Bryan Anderson.

"The images were obtained legally through Getty Images and we absolutely follow the law to its absolute extent," said American Crossroads Director of State and Regional Media Relations Nate Hodson.

So apparently no laws were broken, but does that make it right? Moffitt's answer was clear.

"I feel like it's a little morally wrong to be honest with you especially for a political campaign. If you want to have that message, go find the people that believe in that message that can be wholeheartedly supportive of you in these tv ads, but I'm not one of them," said Moffitt.

American Crossroads paid for the ad and its website states the SUPER PAC is not authorized by either candidate. NewsChannel 7 was unable to get in touch with the campaigns of either President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney Tuesday for a comment.

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