Polls Show Uphill Battle for Governor Rick Scott

Polls by the Florida Chamber and Quinnipiac University both show Governor Rick Scott’s approval ratings stagnate in the mid 30‘s. When pitted against former GOP Governor Charlie Crist running as a Democrat, Crist wins Democrats and Independents BIG. Political Scientist Carol Weissert says Democrats aren’t holding Crist’s party switch against him.

"I am surprised at the strong support for Crist among the Democrats that really is important to I think an important finding," said Weissert.

This Tallahassee billboard congratulates Scott for helping nursing homes. The Quinnipiac poll shows a vast majority like the teacher pay rises that Scott is pushing. A Florida Chamber poll shows voters think the economy is improving and they like Scott’s job performance.

"Clearly the voters are understanding that Rick Scott is doing what he said he would do. People are getting more jobs, unemployment is coming down and they like the way it's headed," said Florida Chamber Strategist Marian Johnson.

The poll does show weak support for Democrats other than Crist and little support for a Republican other than Scott.

For his part Rick Scott says he's just going to keep doing what he's been doing.

Scott likes to point to improving job numbers.

"In November 2014, people will look at my track record and they're going to say did I do what I said was going to do," said Rick Scott.

Just down the street from that "Thank You Rick Scott" billboard is another, reminding voters who may want the job again.

The poll shows Governor Rick Scott beating Adam Putnam 47-24 percent. The poll shows Democrat Alex Sink, who lost to Scott in 2010, would now beat Scott 45-34.