Popular Local Band Set Tour the Northwest

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A local band, called the Blue Ribbons Healers, is leaving the Gulf Coast for a little while to tour the northwest. The group is excited to take a little bit of our southern culture with them.

The band is known around town for their unique take on live music.

For the 4th season in a row, the duet has performed every Sunday morning at Liza’s kitchen on Thomas drive.

Cindy and rob both got their start right here in Panama City, but they won't be sticking around much longer.

"In a week we are going out to the Northwest for the rest of June, like Oregon Washington and Idaho, then were packing it up and going to Colorado for the whole summer," said Cindy McDermott, member of band.
"When we think about it, most of the music we play kind of originated around the gulf coast, we do cajun, we do New Orleans swing, we do some beach grass, so when we go traveling it's kind of like we are promoting the gulf coast style of music," Rob Pate, Member of the band.

They write their own music, but they don't define themselves by any one genre.

Since their start in 2009, they have added many different music styles into to their own to create a whole new sound.
A fan, Jody Miller said, "I think it's just the era that it comes from, there is such great song writing from back then, and the songs tell a story that you can relate to, I really like it."

No matter the tune, these two love a good old fashioned beat and are glad that the music recording industry isn't taking over completely.

"Live music is taking a resurgence and there a big appreciation for it because the recording industry is having tough times with the internet right now, so I think that it’s a good thing that live music is really coming back into everybody’s heart."

The Blue Ribbon Healers are set to return to Panama City sometime in September.