Port Panama City Fire

PANAMA CITY-- Panama City firefighters have spent most of the night at Port Panama City, trying to determine the cause of a fire.

The fire started a little before 6:00pm Monday night along the southern docks.

According to authorities on the scene, a conveyor belt, loading wood pellets into the hold of this ship, stopped.

When it did, it caught fire, igniting the wood pellets still on the conveyor.

That set off a brief, but large, fire that damaged the piece of equipment.

But our sources say fire did not damage the ship.

No word if any port workers or firefighters were injured.

Again, the cause of the malfunction and fire are under investigation.

This is the third recent fire involving wood pellets.

In May 2012, a fire destroyed a huge warehouse used to store the pellets, forcing port officials to use barges for storage.

3 months later, one of the barges caught fire.