Possible Murder Weapons Discovered in Graceville Double Homicide Case

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Graceville- Graceville Police Chief, Timothy Elton Horton said it had been a while since his quiet town had faced anything like this. In fact, the last time there was a murder in Graceville was 1996.

"It's a very shocking situation," he said "it's a very tragic situation."

On Thanksgiving night, a woman flagged down a patrol car and told the officer she thought people had been shot. Authorities told us Joseph Gilley shot and killed his father, James Gilley, and his own girlfriend, Alicia Sapp. Officers arrested Gilley after a five hour manhunt. They say he confessed to the crime. But, Horton said that confession was only the beginning of a long process.

"At this time we are still we're still in the process of doing a lot of statements, piecing things together."

Investigators believe Gilley and Sapp were arguing, which led to the shooting. Horton said it is still unclear what the true motive is or how his father became involved. Without a clear motive or any witnesses, Horton said investigators were relying on evidence. In that regard, the team caught a break.

"We have recovered what we believe to be the murder weapons," Horton said. "It was recovered in a pond on Everett Road. The weapons is recovered by a divers team. At this time, they are at the lab."

He also told us this was not the first time officers had been called to the Peanut Lane house before.

"We've been there several times, mostly on small incidents- nothing major. Mostly just talking to them, they wanted to talk to us about things. The daddy always wanted to talk to me about something."

Since his arrest, Gilley has been being held without bond in the Jackson County Jail on two counts of open murder.

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