Possible Rate Raise for Bay Town Trolleys

Earlier this year Bay Town Trolley officials asked the Transportation Planning Organization to allow a $2 price hike on the daily pass and a $10 increase for the monthly pass.

The TPO approved half of the amount requested which took effect March 1st.

Since then the number of routes the trolleys take has been reduced and the number of passengers has declined as well.

"There was a decrease in ridership," said TPO Senior Planner, Robert Mahan. "It may have been, according to the fares, because of the fare. I just think we need more data before jumping to that conclusion."

But Mark Meeks, manager at Bay Town Trolley said he thinks the group should do more research before making any rash decisions.

"I think we're gonna have some public, being somewhat upset about this as a quick turnaround and now we want to do it again," Meeks said in the meeting. "So my recommendation would be to hold off for a few months."

The group agreed with Meeks and plans to study the problem more closely to find a solution. If rates increase again, it won't be before this summer.