Possible Snapper Season Changes

Like many other captains docked at Captain Anderson’s Marina, Hank Hunk is worried.
He is afraid snapper season will be reduced to just 21 days, maybe even less.
"Private fisherman in the state of Florida will benefit from the 44 days, for-hire sector will suffer, because we'll either get a shorter season because the state doesn't comply, or nothing at all," said Hunt.
Red Snapper is extremely popular with both commercially and recreational fishermen.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation is considering a 44 day season.
But if the state implements a 44 day plan, the federal gulf council could shorten it's current 27 day season to 21 days.
"Being that, if we have federal permits, if the state goes with their season of 44 days, two fish, we will not be able to have red snapper no matter where they're caught," Hunt said.
Right now, Red Snapper season is scheduled to begin June 1.