Pot Grow Operation Hidden Behind Fake Wall

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Washington County Drug Task Force members say they've arrested 3 people involved in an elaborate indoor marijuana grow operation.

53 year old Thomas Ray Chesser, 39 year old Mason Casey Williams and 29 year old Jessie Victoria Matlock are facing a variety of drug charges from possession to pot, meth and paraphernalia, to manufacturing and cultivation.

Investigators say they found the grow operation while searching Chesser's home.

They say they found a separate room located behind a false wall, covered by a book case.

Inside the secret room they say they found 30 small pot plants, a custom lighting system, an active carbon dioxide tank, timers, heaters, and fans.

They also claim they found an active shake and bake meth lab.

All 3 suspects were booked into the Washington County Jail.