Preparing for the Next Tornado Outbreak

CHIPLEY, FL --Kevin Julian owns Northwest Florida Storm Shelters in Chipley..

Big weather events in recent years has made his business boom, everywhere but in his home state of Florida.

"They literally have to turn on the TV and see destruction and death before they stop and think, am I safe," says Julian.

Emergency managers say it's important for everyone to prepare for the worst.

Julian thinks the growing popularity of indoor safe rooms may be the answer for Florida families.

"They want to keep it where people are in their home, and staying in their home, not going outside to find a shelter," says Julian.

Florida averages 52 tornadoes a year, with two tornado related deaths.

"You hear people say we are over due. We are gonna get hit bad. But we never really know. It's all luck of the draw. When it's time it's time. When it comes it will come," says Julian.