Presidential Debates Kick Off Tonight

Senator John McCain was the last Republican to go toe-to-toe with President Barack Obama in a primetime debate says this time Obama can be beat. “After I lost I slept like a baby. Sleep two hours wake up and cry. Sleep two hours wake up and cry.”

Senator John McCain is in Florida stumping for Republican Nominee Mitt Romney. “The President doesn’t lead.”

McCain’s visit comes hours before Romney faces Obama in the first of three presidential debates.

The debate comes as a leaked video has Romney down in the polls. In it Romney tells a crowd of donors, 47 percent of the country is too dependant on entitlements. Many see the debates as Romney’s last chance.

McCain disagrees. “Nothing is must win, but obviously we want to see Governor Romney do well and we believe that he will do well. We can not underestimate the fact that President Obama is an excellent debater.”

Since the President has a lead in the polls some political scientists say he should play defense in the debates and just try not to make any mistakes, but here at the Florida Democratic Party Headquarters, they’re saying the president should take nothing for granted.

Democrats Party Chairman Rod Smith says the president will tout recent economic successes. “He should have a conversation with the American people about things that are on their mind. How is the economy looking? People are starting to feel better about the economy.”

Both campaigns are lowering expectations for the debates, but no matter what happens both candidates will claim victory.

There are three presidential debates and one debate for the vice presidential candidates. The first debate is Wednesday at 8:00 central time. The final debate is in Boca Raton on October 22nd.