Primary Election will have Major Impact on Walton County

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WALTON COUNTY Some of Walton County’s candidates are in the final campaign stretch, and their races will be decided on August 26th, during primary election voting.

Election officials are expecting a busy day and preparing accordingly.

They've already tested close to 20,000 ballots to make sure all their voting machines are working properly.

"We want to make sure the machine, is seeing all the ovals directly. We are testing the over votes, the under votes. We want to make sure we are giving each candidate, each oval and each candidate a unique amount of votes,” said Ryan Messer, Voting Systems Coordinator for Walton County Supervisor of Elections.

But Supervisor of Elections Bobby Beasley says they still have a lot more to do, before early voting starts.

"We have poll working training in three locations next week. We still have to set up the precincts and our early voting won't start until August 16th,” said Beasley.

Beasley says he and his staff are working even harder this year, because election officials know the outcome of this race will have a big impact on the county.

There are four candidates running for the County Commissioner District 2 seat on the primary ballot.

And three school board seats will be decided.

Probably, the most controversial topic in the county that residents will vote on is whether the Superintendent of Schools should continue to be elected or appointed.

"Candidates and issues will be decided in this primary election. They won't go to the general election ballot, so if these are important positions they will be decided in this primary,” said Beasley.