Prime Real Estate for Sale in Panama City

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One of the most sought-after and priciest properties in Bay County is finally up for sale. The prime real estate is located at Panama City's busiest intersection.

The property is at the corner of 23rd Street and Highway 77, and with neighbors like Target, Home Depot, and not to mention the mall, the 34.5 acres have been on the radars of businesses large and small for years. Even Walmart's CEO is said to have put a bid on the property at one point.

The Hawkins family owns the property, and they had used a portion of it for a wrecking company, but that has since shut down. Most of the acreage remains wooded. The family has refused to let go of their prized possession, that is until now. NewsChannel 7 spoke to the real estate agent over the phone Tuesday and he said the Hawkins are ready to move on with their lives.

So what's the price tag? A cool $12.5 million. That may seem like a lot, but give the 'location, location, location,' not suprisingly the real estate agent also said he has had several interested buyers. But he wouldn't name any names.

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