Pro Angler Clay Dyer at Hiland Park Baptist's "Wild Beast Feast"

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Hiland Park Baptist Church hosted a special fundraising event Tuesday night, the 5th Annual Wild Beast Feast.

Thousands showed up to enjoy all sorts of wild game, fellowship and entertainment.

Tonight's guest speaker and his remarkable story, were the real attractions.

Clay Dyer is a world class professional fisherman and considers himself extremely competitive.

Dyer says "I always want to be at the very top level of anything i did and that was my dream as a child. I've just been very blessed you know, to just live my dream and be a professional angler and be at the very top level."

Dyer isn't like most of the other fishermen on the professional circuit.

Dyer was born without legs or a left arm, and he has only a partial right arm.
He learned to adapt at an early age and started fishing at the age of 5; his competitive streak surfaced soon after.

He played as many sports as he could growing up and describes himself as a typical 'guy's guy'.
Besides fishing, Dyer tours the country speaking for ministries, talking about his life experiences and his faith.
He says fishing keeps him close to God
"it's the amazing thing of being out in God's creation and seeing what God, you know seeing all the animals and trees and being out there in the morning and seeing the sun rise that he's created."
Dyer is just the latest speaker with an outdoors background that Hiland Park Pastor Steven Kyle has recruited.
But none have a story like Dyers'.

Kyle said, "This is the first time we've had someone who is a professional fisherman. Obviously Clay's story is a little bit more unique in the challenges that he faces just in everyday life and him not allowing those challenges to bring him down."

When he's not traveling the country on speaking engagements, Dyer is competing in the Bassmaster Open Series and other select charity events.

He told attendees to the Wild Beat Feast, "When I look at myself and I look at my life, this is the way I view it. You're only as disabled or handicapped as you allow yourself to be."

An estimated 37-hundred people attended tonight's Wild Beast Feast.