Proof of Insurance

At any given time, as many a million drivers in Florida are on the road without insurance. Decades ago, the state made it a ticket able offense not to carry proof your car is insured. The fine is $100. It drops to ten if you prove you were insured when you were stopped.

With that vote, Florida will become the eighth state to step into the electronic age by allowing motorists to carry proof of insurance on their smart phones.

Julie Jones, Highway Safety Director, said, “This way you have proof of insurance no matter what vehicle you are driving.”

Getting ticketed for not having that little insurance card made news this past year when it was learned state troopers gave out bogus tickets to speeding lawmakers, citing them for not having insurance instead of speeding.

There is one drawback to the proposal, if you hand your device out the window to the officer and it falls you’re responsible, not the officer.

You can scan the form into your phone, take a picture, or download it from your insurance company.

Next on the horizon: digital driver’s licenses.

“The fraud issue is key to the driver’s license. We will have to figure out how to encrypt it, and then have some kind of a smart phone bump, maybe, to validate that it is indeed an encrypted driver’s license,” said Jones.

New digital license could be out on the road and in your phone by the middle of 2015.

326,000 tickets were written for failure to provide proof of insurance last year.