Property Taxes May Rise for Bay Co. Owners

BAY CO.-- Property taxes may soon be going up for Bay County owners.

Bay District School Board Members held a workshop Thursday and went over next year's tentative budget. Officials proposed to raise the property tax rate from 6.761 to 6.889 mils, a .128 mil increase. If a homeowners house is worth $100,000, they'll see a $12.80 increase on their tax statement. Officials plan to use the money to improve the infrastructure of the schools.

"The millage that we adopt Thursday at the tentative budget, the only way we can adjust it is down going forward. So that gives the property appraiser and those folks a pretty good idea of what that millage rate will be, and that property tax going forward," Bay District School Board Chairman Steve Moss said.

Bay County has the 8thlowest millage rate out of all 67 counties in the state. The final budget will be approved in September.