Protesters Ask Scott to Veto Alimony Reform

A dozen women poured into Governor Rick Scott’s office Friday, upset the state legislature passed a bill to reform Florida’s Alimony System.

The group held signs asking the governor to veto the legislation which creates a 50/50 default for child custody and ends permanent alimony.

“She doesn’t get any credit on her Social Security for staying home and taking care of her husband and her children. So if the governor wants to look like a pro-family governor, he should definitely veto this bill,” said Barbara DeVane.

Never one to back down from a challenge, the bill’s House Sponsor, Ritch Workman waited outside the governor’s office.

“It certainly is the best revamp of alimony we have had in a generation in this state. This bill allows families to move on with their life after the devastation of a divorce,” said Rep. Workman.

Workman says the legislation is about equality and wouldn’t have a major impact on most divorce settlements. The protestors say the bill is a sexist attempt by men to thwart their responsibilities.

“It’s greed and it’s not caring about these women who stayed home and raised these children and gave up these careers,” said DeVane.

“Why I sure think that is a direct insult to Senator Kelli Stargel who ran the bill in the Senate, married for 29 years and I think that perhaps they are looking at their own situation and superimposing that on all women,” said Workman.

Beside the office visit, the Governor has received nearly 4,000 calls and emails about the bill, most in support of the changes.

The bill would open the doors for old divorce settlements to be reexamined. The protestors fear it could leave some seniors with less money to support themselves.