Protesters Fight for Animal Rights Outside of ZooWorld

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- Protesters stood outside of ZooWorld in Panama City Beach Sunday fighting for animal rights.

At noon protesters were holding signs saying Zoo World needs to take more care of the animals.
They believe that the employees need to expand the cages and feed the animals better.

This isn't the first time ZooWorld has seen their share of protestors. Last year, several protests took place on the sidewalk in front of the zoo.

Protester Gabe Benson said, "I think it's very important. I think as humans we have this amazing gift of speech and these animals don't. I think it's our duty to speak out for them and give them a voice because they don't have a saying in how they live."

ZooWorld employees were unable to speak on camera but said that everyone has the right to their opinion and that they are staying positive.