Protestors Speak Out at Zoo World

Protestors stood outside Zoo World around 1 o'clock Saturday holding signs expressing their dissatisfaction with recent decision made by the staff, especially the purchase of a new giraffe. They also voiced their opinion about what they call a lack of space for animals in the zoo, but officials from the non-profit facility disagree.

"We're out here to speak out for the animals," said organizer Romney Speerschneider. "We really want to promote public awareness, we think our zoo can do better and we're trying to make made zoo make that a priority."

Management from Zoo World insists that animals at the zoo receive the best medical attention and food that is available for them and that while they're enclosures could be bigger, there isn't enough money to make the changes protestors are asking for. However they also note that they have expanded the exhibits that they can and those that cant have seen improvements to make the habitats more natural to the animals.

After standing for a couple hours, management from the zoo came out to speak to the protesters, ensuring them that all their animal enclosures meet standards and guidelines set. While the conversation was a step in the right direction, protestors weren't completely satisfied by the response and say changes need to be made.

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