Public Gun Range in the Works for Bay County

With the recent run on guns some believe there needs to be a place where those new firearm owners can learn the proper way to handle the weapon.

Plans for a public gun range in conjunction with the Bay County Sheriff's Office are in the works.

Bay County Commissioner Guy Tunnell has been working on the project for more than a year.

In its beginning stages, it would be on a limited, part-time basis while the county and sheriff's office gauge the public's interest.

Tunnell said the range masters will help bring the project together and the Florida Fish and Wildlife will help with gun safety and education.

"We see everyday the numbers of reports and number of people purchasing firearms, it just makes sense to me to have something available and economically accessible to people," said Tunnell.

Billy Lake, the manager of Jay’s Guns & Accessories said he supports the public range.

“I think it’s a great idea so long as it doesn’t become a taxpayer subsidized range,” Lake said.

Tunnell said he hopes the range will be up and running within the next several months, however nothing is set in stone.