Pumping Activity Concerns Sandestin Residents

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Residents at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort are concerned over some pumping activity to get rid of flood waters.

Resident Bill Tigner says the private community next to his beach club was pumping standing flood water into the gulf a few weeks ago.

Tigner contacted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection which told him they'd investigate.

He says the pumping continued after the standing water was gone.

But Tigner says the pump was spewing brown sludge into the gulf.

He called DEP officials again.

Since then, Tigner says he's been trying to get the DEP’s test results, but hasn't had any luck.

"We did hear from the Sandestin Homeowners Association, who reached out to Walton County. Walton County said they investigated it and the pump was under the guidance of the DEP---and it is being treated as storm water. Well the DEP didn't even know anything about it,” said Tigner.

Tigner says he and his neighbors are worried the sludge is toxic and harmful.

Whoever is responsible stopped the pumping Tuesday.