Purse Thief Held On $1 Million Bond

DESTIN – Nearly two years after a heist at the Coach outlet in Destin, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a second suspect.

Deputies say 19-year-old David Farias-Fadraga of Miami, Florida and three other men stole broke into the store on September 22nd, 2011, using a device to jam the security alarms, and stole $300,000 worth of purses.

Farias-Fadraga was arrested on multiple charges: Burglary of a Structure, Grand Theft 1st Degree, Impairment of a Communication System to further a Burglary and Criminal Mischief, Damage Exceeding $1,000. He’s currently being held at the Walton County Department of Corrections on a $1,000,000 bond.

The first suspect, Fabian Fabis, was arrested in September 2012. He admitted to creating the jamming device used in the burglary. Several purses from the Coach store were recovered from his home in Miami. In June, Fabian was granted a pretrial intervention when he agreed to testify against the other three suspects.

Fabian Fabian
David Farias-Fadraga

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