Qualification Deadline Hits for Fla. Governor Candidates

TALLAHASSEE-- It was a chaotic end to candidate qualifying with last minute candidates rushing in to beat a noon deadline.

One of the last to file paperwork was Monroe Lee.

"I'm running for Governor," he said.

Lee and five others are running as write-in candidates for Governor. You'll likely never hear from any of them.

But seven others will be on the ballot for the top job. Two of the are front runners are Rick Scott and Charlie Crist, and then there's former State Senator Nan Rich who has been campaigning for two years.

"And I believe this state is ready to elect a progressive Democrat and to have the first woman Governor of the State of Florida," Rich said.

On the Republican side, two unknown candidates ponied up the $7,800 qualifying fee. First, Yinka Adeshina claims to have almost $200,000 dollars in the bank, but many of the names are suspicious.

We knocked on the door of her Tallahassee home. A woman on the other side said she wasn't there.

A neighbor across the street describes the family.

"They seem nice," the neighbor said.

The Secretary of State says it is looking into claims the filings are suspicious.

"And if there's some allegation that's made public to us, we'll look into that," Secretary of State Ken Detzner said.

Even with questions being raised about one Republican, Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are both guaranteed to have opponents, and that means that voters of both parties will have their say on their candidate.

Also running for Governor are a Libertarian Candidate and one with no party

That guarantees voters four at least four choices this November.