Candidate Qualification Ends for Bay County Public Offices

BAY COUNTY-- Qualifying ended at noon for state and county political offices.

And the ballot will be shorter than usual this year, at least in Bay County.

Two incumbent Bay County Commissioners, Guy Tunnell and George Gainer, and three incumbent school board members, Joe Wayne Walker, Ginger Littleton and Steve Moss, all qualified without opposition.

That means all of them are re-elected for new four year terms.

That's the first time in recent years that's happened.

"Since I've come in the office in just after 2000, I've not had a campaign where or a qualifying period as to where there weren't at least one or two candidates involved in a race," Bay County Elections Supervisor Mark Andersen said.

The most crowded race is the District 6 State House race.

Seven candidates have qualified to replace Jimmy Patronis, who is stepping down because of term limits.