Queen Brown Memorialized in Marianna

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MARIANNA, Fla. Marianna leaders took time this morning to honor a Jackson County community advocate.

A large crowd showed up for today's ceremony remembering Queen Brown.

Brown was a school teacher and activist, who was instrumental in convincing authorities to repair Bordon Street. The roadway was constantly washing-out.

She also prevented the road from closing, by convincing officials to build a new train trestle. City and county officials placed a marker near the train trestle today to mark Brown's commitment to her community.

"It lets the children know, as well as some of us know that there's nothing that cannot be accomplished when you put God first, and then you give your very best,” said Jackson County NAACP President Ronald Mizer. “May the work I've done, speak for me. And that's what we've done, let the work for sister Queen Brown speak for her."

Brown died last march. She was 86.