Questionable Voter Registration Forms in Bay County

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It appears Florida has a problem with more than just illegal citizens registered to vote.
Several counties including Bay County have uncovered suspicious voter registration forms connected to an outside consulting firm.
The suspect forms were submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired by the Republican Party of Florida to sign up new voters.
Election supervisors in nine Florida counties have discovered what appear to be fraudulent voter registration forms, with questionable signatures, addresses, or other identifiers.
Bay County Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen says his office has discovered at least nine suspicious forms, all submitted by outside agencies.
In some cases, those agencies have a stake in the outcome of registrations, the elections, or both.
“If they got paid by the number of voter registration forms, by the hour, per number, whatever it is-whenever you pay someone to do voter registration and base it on a number or personal goal. You're going to have people who fudge things," said Andersen.
Andersen said this type of thing has happened before.
"We've had this problem with different agencies,” said Andersen. “Everyone wants to go out and do voter registration."
A number of states are now investigating the suspicious registrations submitted by Strategic Allied Consulting, and, Andersen is calling for a local investigation.
"I've in contact with the state attorney's office and they're going to begin the investigative process and move forward with this," he said.

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