Residents Fear Water Contamination

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JACKSON COUNTY-- Health officials are warning homeowners about possible contamination due to flooding. They’re concerned about people with water wells. Many of those residents are dealing with other flooding issues as well.

Birchwood road residents are already upset by flooded roads.

“There's no way I’d drink it," said Brandy Dudley.

Some of them have lost their homes---having to move into campers or in with family.

"It’s just been devastating and a life altering experience for the entire family,” resident Theresa Tharp explains.

They say fresh water is limited.

"You boil it and try to use bottled water as much as possible,” explained Tharp. “That's amount the only thing you can do."

Residents say they've requested help from county commissioners, but they claim that has not happened.

"Nobody from the county commissioner’s office has come out here."

County officials say it's extremely likely the water is contaminated.

"If you well has been submerged or anything like that your water is probably gonna be contaminated and its best not to drink it," said Jackson County Emergency Management Director, Rodney Andreasen.

Officials say it will take time for them to repair the water issues. People here on Birchwood just have to wait for that fix.

"A lot of wells are under water and it’s gonna take some time to clear them up and get it to where the water is drinkable,” said Clinton Holmes. “We got some major problems. We got some long lasting problems."

If you believe your water well is contaminated, contact your county health department to have it tested.