Racy Banner Raises Eyebrows in Panama City Beach

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It may be small and difficult to spot, paling in comparison to traditional billboards, but passersby a pizza shop near Club La Vela who do catch a glimpse don't like what they see.

"It makes me a little uncomfortable," said University of Wisonsin at Madison Student Kayla Sipple.

You might notice the woman on the right of the banner. It's one of actor Charlie Sheen's ex-"goddesses" Bree Olson. She is the face of an x-rated billboard campaign for "arrangementfinders.com,"a sugar daddy website for wealthy older men looking for young women.

"It's just disgusting to see that the our society actually is attracted to that," said Miranda Gill, a West Virginia University Student.

Before the beach, the campaign created its fair share of controversy in much larger cities like Philadelphia and Chicago. "Arrangement Finders'" Chief Marketing Officer AJ Perkins brought the campaign to Panama City Beach hopeful it would "capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of aspirational spring break babes." He may have missed the mark.

"I think it's pretty demeaning because it's saying bigger isn't always better. That's not true about body size and everything," Elon University Student Maggie Hartman said.

"Women are beautiful in all sizes, no matter what shape or size," added Gill.

Spring breakers NewsChannel 7 spoke with also said they felt the website's campaign was targeting them when their judgement is down.

"It's scary because we're just coming down here walking on the street. We're in a bikini yeah because we want sun and stuff," said West Virginia University Student Annie Yambrick.

"Your parents are already like 'oh be careful of everyone, don't walk places alone,' and now there are people specifically trying to kind of go after you, so it's a little strange," Sipple said.

NewsChannel 7 tried to call arrangementfinders.com for a comment, but our calls were not immediately returned.

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