More Rain = Problems for Area Roads

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350 miles of dirt roads wind through Bay County.

The July 4 downpours left those roads damaged and waterlogged.

"We've recovered from July 4 and we're waiting to see what this latest storm system is going to bring us," said Ed Smith, Bay County manager. "We're doing pretty good right now, keeping our head above water."

But we are definitely not ready for more heavy rainfall.

"If we got another 8-10 inch rainfall event here, it would be problematic for us to say the least," Smith said. "An inch here or there, we can deal with it."

The biggest problem is drainage and ditch work.

But maintenance will be working overtime to keep the roads clear, just as they did July 4.

Bay County officials said they are still tallying numbers, seeing what the damage and overtime amounts to.

Then they will see if Governor Rick Scott will declare state of emergency for the area.