Raising Florida’s Minimum Wage?

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Florida's minimum wage sits at $7.93 an hour. But Democrats are pushing for and increase to just over 10 bucks. Some members of the legislature are going to extremes to prove their point.

Call it the legislative version of supermarket sweep. A handful of democratic lawmakers scaled back their paychecks and tried to shop and live on a minimum wage budget.
Sen. Dwight Bullard of Miami is one of them. "In a given week, someone is looking at 317 dollars before taxes. And that's in a 40 hour work week."

Oscar Rivera makes minimum wage working part time for a Wendy's in Miami. He’s trying to support his family in South Florida and in Nicaragua. "The money that I make is not enough"

Many of the minimum wage shoppers stuck to chicken, eggs, and produce. Rep. Clovis Watson of Gainesville says they tried to keep their bill around 40 dollars. "I normally get Del Monte steaks I couldn't get that today"

An estimated 400 thousand Floridians would benefit from a pay boost. Raising the minimum wage might sound good to shoppers on a budget but convincing the Governor has been a tough sell.

Governor Rick Scott said in January the idea made him cringe. His re-election campaign chair Sen. John Thrasher says this won’t be an issue come election time.

“We’re working on other things. We’re working on creating good jobs in the state of Florida, that semes to be working pretty well and if we create good jobs there will be good paying jobs out there.”

Bills raising the minimum wage have so far gone nowhere. Florida’s minimum wage is nearly 70 cents more than the federal minimum wage which is currently seven twenty five an hour. President Obama is pushing a federal minimum wage hike in Washington.

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