Rallying For Cancer Support at the Capitol

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Organizations from across the state are jockeying for positions with the state legislature; they're hoping to get funding for their various projects. It's hard for lawmakers to go anywhere today with out seeing something from the Cancer Society,

American Cancer Society representatives and cancer advocates hit the ground early Wednesday morning and called on key lawmakers to lobby for priority programs. Research is always at the top of the list.

Representative Marti Coley, who lost her husband David Coley to cancer back in 2005 is an ally and had this to say, "Cancer is..is that just doesn't slow down. So our research and our care cannot slow down. In lean years when the economy was down we...we guessed, we reduced how much we provided but we continue to provide because cancer doesn't slow down."

Another priority this session, is the Mary Brogan Breast Cancer screening program during a mid-morning rally in the capitol plaza. Advocates made their case for the funding.

Ana Morales Black who survived two kinds of cancer said, "Survivorship for me is Mary Brogan Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. Their program...Because of this program I can stand here today. I was working. I found the lump, could not get medical treatment. Couldn't get a mammogram 'cause I didn't have insurance. Lost my job, Mary Brogan came in."

Dr. John Montgomery, who is the Cancer Society's Chairperson for 2014 added, "Florida is only one of a handful of states in the country that does not provide screening for women at age 40 to 49."

Lobbying continued into the afternoon with a stop at Senate President Don Gaetz's office who has this to say, "There are some things that are wanna-dos and there are some things that are have to-dos and I think that the priorities of the American Cancer Society are a have to do."