Rash of Murders Sparks R.O.G.U.E

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PANAMA CITY-- St. Andrews Auto Care Owner Norman Rheaume is getting used to that sound.

His car shop has only been open for a year along Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, but he says in that short time he's noticed a big problem.

"There's a very large transient population, from the people that live here who started moving in and out of the past couple of years and the area has gone somewhat of a decline," said Norman Rheaume, St.Andrews Auto Care Owner.

A few blocks down from Rheaume's business a body was found in the trunk of a car.

The vehicle belonged to 25-year old Tavish Greene who at the time had been missing for almost a week.

Since May there have been six murders in Panama City alone.

Now law enforcement is bringing back a very successful program they've used in the past called ROGUE.

ROGUE or Repeat Offender Gang Unit Enforcement was created back in 2007 after a rash of violence, drugs and gang activity ignited.

Bay County Sheriff officials say 2005's Hurricane Katrina forced hundreds to find shelter here including gang members.

"We did spend a lot of time, a lot of technology identifying people that were known felons, known drug dealers, violent past, peoples that was on probation for gun or drug charges, these were the people we went after," said Frank McKeithen, Bay County Sheriff.

Sheriff Mckeithen says that year they made about 360 arrests.

After that wave settled.

The unit resurfaced in 2010 this time after dozens of late night home invasions.

And nearly four years later ROGUE is back patrolling city neighborhoods prone to violence.

"I can tell you right now if it's occurred near your house, you're going to see us. It doesn't matter where you live," said McKeithen.

McKeithen says the rouge unit is already patrolling the streets, partnering with Panama City's street crimes unit.