Real Men Don't Just Wear Pink- They Drive It

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Marianna- It's been said, 'real men wear pink.'

"You know, first when we started wearing the pink shirts at the fire department, some of the guys had a hard time with it " explained Marianna Fire Chief, Nicky Lovett." But now it's cool, it's the popular thing to do."

So popular, Lovett decided to step it up a notch."I'm very excited to bring awareness to breast cancer" he said.

And he's helping bring awareness through an organization called, 'Pink Heals.' It's an awareness group that partners with local fire departments to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Lovett was asked to serve on the local chapter's board.

"We had a fire truck pull [last year] and we invited the Pink Heals chapter from Jacksonville to come over. They brought the pink fire truck and everybody got to sign it and it was a big hit" Lovett said.

It especially hit home for organizer and board member, Lori Meadows and her retired-fireman husband and current chapter president. "We gotta have it! We gotta have one" she said of her excitement in seeing the truck for the first time.

So Meadows' husband bought the truck, and Rahal- Miller Motors threw-in the paint job. "It's just something I thought our county and our area needed" Meadows told us.

Organizers said the big pink machine was all about the community. A community truck, for a community cause- named in the memory of a beloved community member.

"It's named in memory of Connie Haile" Meadows explained. "She was a really good person in our community. She was really a nice lady that was a big advocate in getting Pink Heals coming."

And the community cause had a special place in the heart's of organizers.

"My mother in law is a cancer survivor and I love her dearly" Lovett said. Meadows added, "my mother had breast cancer and father died of cancer, so it's just something i hold dear to my heart."

The "Connie" will make her first debut this St. Patrick's Day for the Shamrock Shuffle, a 5K fundraiser. For more information, contact Lori Meadows at (850) 718- 7749

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