Record Turnout at Gun Show

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The gun show at the Bay County Fairgrounds saw a record turnout on Saturday. Many are attributing the rise in number to fear - saying the proposed assault weapons ban from President Obama is causing people to buy items before they're unable to do so in the future.

"Since the panic, since everything is wanting to ban guns, people are afraid they're not going to be able to get any guns, so they're buying more of the assault guns," said gun vendor Ron McKaye. "You know, on TV, if somebody says we're gonna ban assault rifles, now everybody wants an assault rifle."

Gun owners and gun vendors believe the focus of the gun control debate should be shifted if officials want to see real change in the gun culture of America.

"I do believe that you should know who the weapons are going to," said Alex Garrity, a gun owner who owns assault rifles and attended the gun show to buy accessories and ammunition. "I just think it should be a bigger screening process. I mean, it's just too easy sometimes and that's kinda scary."

McKaye agreed.

"I do recommend a background check, not a universal but a regular background check provided by the state, like Florida has it done with the FDLE," noting that records like those are destroyed within 48 hours and the information isn't sent out into a database. "That's the kind of background check. We know if that's person's crazy or not or have it or is a criminal."

If you missed the gun show this weekend, there is one February 23-24 at the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds in Fort Walton Beach. It will be back in Panama City on April 13-14.

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