Records Detail George Zimmerman's Medical Injuries

This surveillance video from the night Trayvon Martin was killed shows an unruffled George Zimmerman. The next morning Zimmerman went to a family physician where a report says he was diagnosed with a broken nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head.

Trayvon Martin’s family attorney Ben Crump says the medical report raises questions.

“If his injuries were that substantial, than why wouldn’t the ER personnel have taken him to the hospital? We saw the video from 30 minutes after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, and he seems fine as he is walking through the police station.”

Legal analysts say Zimmerman’s injuries still don’t answer the question of who started the fight.

Martin’s family attorney says autopsy results from Trayvon Martin show he had bruised knuckles.

“Trayvon Martin was fighting for his life. He was fighting for his life against a man with a 9 mm gun.”

The report also says that Zimmerman was on not one but two medications.

One drug was commonly treats Attention Deficit Disorder; the other is for insomnia. The Martin Family attorney says all the evidence needs to be explored.

“It’s a question that people need to vet and say, did these drugs have an affect on him that night when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.”

The state has also released a lengthy list of people that it expects will provide evidence in the case.

The medical report was leaked to news organizations, and attorneys for the family say the leak alone should raise questions about the motive behind the records release.