Red Cross Offers a Helping Hand

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Sitting in one of the units of Gulf Highlands, Tandy Tsukanov recounts the rain that came in and flood the property.

"You're watching the water come in and you can't do anything."

Tales like this dominate the Gulf Highlands area, one of the many that experienced flooding.

The American Red Cross has been working hard Saturday to help provide some relief to those impacted by heavy rainfall the past few days. With some saying they've received up to 21 inches of water in their home, they say they're happy to have the relief and the organization is happy to give a hand.

"Most of the people, it destroyed everything that they owned there. All their furniture being piled out to the street, carpet, a lot of sheet rock damage in their home," said Red Cross volunteer Don Foreman. "So we gave out clean up kits and they had crews out there helping clean up."

Along with clean up kits, the Red Cross provided snacks and water, a gesture many residents appreciate.

"You know, [the residents are] out there working hard, so they need something, So it's very kind and considerate that the Red Cross would come out. Other people need to do the same," Tsukanov said.

The Emergency Response Vehicle will be making it's rounds throughout Bay County in the coming weeks to help as many people as they can. If you need assistance, the organization can be contacted at (850) 763-6587.