Red Cross Shelter Open at Sunny Hills Community Center

SUNNY HILLS, Fla. Central Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross will open a shelter at Sunny Hills Community Center, 4083 Challenger Blvd. in Sunny Hills. The shelter will open at 6:00pm, Thursday.

If you plan to evacuate to a Red Cross shelter, you may need these personal supplies.

• Bedding: Everyone occupying a shelter must bring their own sheets, blankets and pillows. If you have camping cots or inflatable mattresses, you are encouraged to bring them, as growing shelter populations will shorten cot supply.
• Special needs foods, snacks: Shelter occupants who have special dietary needs must bring those foods. Shelters will provide cooked meals but no prescriptive foods. You are also encouraged to bring snacks.
• Important documents: Copies of medical records, insurance information, deeds or leases, birth certificates and utility bills showing address are important to have on hand. They are not required but would be helpful in the event of an emergency.
• Personal hygiene items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps and lotions must be provided by the individual.
• Medications: Bring any prescriptions or medications you need
• Entertainment: Families are advised to bring games, books or toys that can occupy or calm kids

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