Red Light Camera Reduces Tickets in Campbellton

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Campbellton- How much longer will the red light camera be up in the town of Campbellton? Right now the answer to that question is up in the air.

"It's kind of sad because it does help," said BP Gas Station employee Pamela Ledington.

The gas station Ledingtion works at is right at the intersection, and she said before the red light camera was installed, it was a very dangerous strip of road.

"Truckers going through, seventy-five miles an hour, just brakes would lock up when it (stop light) would change," said Ledington.

Fast-forward a year, she said it's a much different story.

"That light, especially at night, you'll see it flash and it gives that warning flash and people slow down," said Ledington.

The numbers back her up. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office said there's been a 26% drop in traffic tickets at the intersection since August 2010.

"The light is here for safety issues," said Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Ed Deuce.

But red light camera opponents claim towns like Campbellton are in the for the money.

Deuce said that's not the case. Once you factor in the yearly operating costs, which are about nineteen thousand dollars, plus what the town has to pay to the state and to the company that runs the cameras, the town's profit is a little less than 39 thousand dollars per year.

That may seem like a lot, but Deuce maintained it isn't the town's motivation.

"We're not making a bunch of money. That's what we're trying to say. This is safety," said Deuce.

The town's profits from the red light camera go into its general operating fund. As to how long that continues, only the legislature can say.

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