Redpine Reaches Crossroads in Court Lawsuit

That's when Leon County Circuit Judge Kevin Carroll will decide if he'll dismiss the claims against Redpine owner Shad Wheeler.

In late 2010, Bay County gave Wheeler 350-thousand dollars to relocate his medical software company here from Washington state. The state chipped in another 400-thousand dollars.

But instead of creating up to 400-new jobs, Wheeler shut-down the operation a few months after arriving.

The county and state sued, claiming Wheeler used fraud to get the incentives, and used the money to pay his personal debts. But attorneys for Redpine and Wheeler are asking Judge Carroll to dismiss the suit.

They say the county’s and state’s claims are not nearly specific enough to support the fraud allegations, and in some cases are downright contradictory.

As a result of the Redpine fiasco, county officials toughened the requirements for companies applying for economic incentives.