Redpine Legal Battle Continues

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BAY COUNTY-- We have an update on the legal battle between the owner of Redpine Services, Shad Wheeler and Bay County.

Last year the county gave $350,000 to Wheeler's small medical software company to expand and relocate from Spokane, Washington to Bay County.

Red Pine's owner claimed the company could create more than 400 jobs for the county.

When the company shut it's doors in 2011, Wheeler's promise never came through. Bay County and the state are now suing him.

"The issue is still in litigation, but what i can say is bay county is continuing to work with the state of Florida and continuing to pursue the matter and we hope to have it resolved very soon," said Valerie Sale, Bay County PIO.

Saturday marks the third anniversary of the Board of County Commissioners deciding to give Wheeler $350,000 in relocation money.

The next hearing will be held in Washington state on October 28th.