Human Remains Found in PCB Vacant Lot

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- We're learning a few more details Tuesday night about some human remains found off Back Beach Road. Panama City Beach Police and Bay County Sheriff's Investigators are in the early stages of trying to identify the body.

Police say a contractor was clearing out the lot around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon when he found the bones near Back Beach Road and Fernwood Street.

"We don't know who it is or how long the body has been back there," Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman said. But by the looks of it, Whitman says it could have been there quite some time. He says the only thing left is the actual skin or tissue.

Whitman explains, "With the heat out here, we don't know how long the body has been out there. If could be months, it could be years we won't know that until we get everything put together."

Connie Wissman lives across the street from the vacant lot. She said, "They [contractors] were working over there. They were clearing it out apparently they were going to sell the property."

Wissman says police asked her and her husband if they've noticed anything unusual. She tells NewsChannel 7, "The police started asking my husband if he's seen any like homeless people in the area. We never have."

She also says investigators indicated they're open to any possibilities, even cold cases dating back decades. For now police can't say for certain, but they're hoping the clues will start to reveal some answers.

The autopsy will be key to the investigation. No word as to when the Medical Examiner's Office will take possession of the remains.


Panama City Beach Police say they have found human skeletal remains in a lot on Back Beach Road and Fernwood.

A contractor was clearing out the lot when the remains were found.

Right now police cannot identify the remains.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office is assisting the Panama City Beach Police Department in the investigation.

NewsChannel 7 will update you with the latest news as we learn it.