Remains of Third Mutilated Cat Found

PANAMA CITY BEACH - The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is trying to determine who or what mutilated a cat in the Bay Point subdivision.

Deputies responded this morning after residents found the head of a cat in the 2300 block of Bonefish Drive. Residents tell us the cat’s collar was lying next to the head. But they say there was no blood.

The cat’s owner told the Sheriff’s Office they say the cat alive just yesterday.

Investigators collected the remains and will send them to the University of Florida for a forensic examination and DNA testing to determine how the cat died.

The remains of two other cats were found in Bay Point last month. In both cases, the front half of the cat was missing. Dr. Rhonda Windham of the ASPCA said the wounds are consistent with an attack by a predator, such as a coyote, fox, dog or alligator. But without DNA test results, she couldn't positively say what killed the cat. The Sheriff's Office is still investigating.