Construction Company Selected for Veterans Park Lift Station Repairs

CALLAWAY - Repair crews are expected to fix the lift station at Callaway's Veterans Park soon.

Bay County commissioners approved local company GAC Contractors to begin work on the wet well for $308,000.

The money will come from the Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility fund. Bay County, Springfield, Callaway, and Parker are members of that board.

The conflict at the park centers around whether Bay County or Callaway is responsible for fixing the toxic odor problem.

"Well I feel that the operator, which is Bay County, we're the operator and we hold the permit that we had the authority to just direct Callaway to pay the fee," Bill Dozier, a Bay County commissioner, said.

Commissioner Dozier made a motion that Callaway would reimburse the county for the repair costs, but his fellow commissioners voted down that proposal 3 to 2.

They say they want to wait on a final report from Callaway's hired engineering firm, Webster environmental.

After that Callaway and Bay County's engineering firms will meet to decide who's at fault.