Republican Party Of Bay County Hosts Forum For Its Candidates

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PANAMA CITY - Four people seeking the Republican nomination for the District 6 State Representative's seat faced-off in a forum tonight, sponsored by their local party.

The audience packed the martin theater tonight to hear from candidates Tho Bishop, Melissa Hagan, Thelma Rohan and Jay Trumbull on a variety of topics, from education, legalization of marijuana, casino gambling, public works projects and their goals should they make it to the house.

Bishop said, "I think we had a lot of great questions tonight and they covered most of the issues I've heard walking door to door and talking to people in Bay County. I think this is a great event because it covers so many different topics and really gave us a chance to kinda show our strengths and direction we'll take Bay County."

Thelma Rohan said, "The questions were all very good. I think the questions helped everybody be able to explain their positions because we are so similar, we have to convince the folks in a different way."

Melissa Hagan said, "I did think it was a great opportunity to share my experiences. I think at some of the other forums we didn't really have the time to do that and this evening they gave us adequate time to really talk about our positions on the issues, but also about us and our experiences and I was really excited to be able to do that."

Jay Trumbull said, "When we go and knock doors in Bay County, the people really want to see less government overreach, just less government in general and i believe the conversation and questions tonight were um...Portrayed that very well."

The primary is August 26th.

The Republican nominee will face Democrat Jamie Shepard, Green Party candidate Henry Lawrence, Independent Jerry Wyche in the November General Election.