Republican Rick Scott Caught in GOP Spin

The Jobs Governor caught in the GOP spin. Top Republican Candidates are bashing the economy to gain votes, while Governor Rick Scott continues to boast about Florida’s falling unemployment rate. “Our state is headed in the right direction. Highest drop in unemployment of any state in the country.”

That was Scott in damage control mode one day after fellow Republican Connie Mack delivered this blow to his Democratic opponent in the US Senate debate. “There are people who are losing their homes, who are still losing their homes Senator. This economy is one that is not working.”

Incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson seems more in tune with Scott than his GOP cohort. “For the last 31 straight months we’ve had private sector job growth. What we are seeing today is the increase in the housing market.”

“We’ve had over 150,000 private sectors jobs created. The number of people on unemployment has dropped. Exports are up, home prices are up, home sales are up,” said the Governor of Florida.

Scott was asked point blank about Mack’s take on Florida’s economy. “I know the facts that I’m talking about.”

The facts seem to point to a slightly improving economy. Since Scott took office, unemployment in Florida is down 2.4%. Nationwide unemployment is below 8% for the first time in three years.”

“I don’t know which Florida you are talking about,” said Connie Mack.

But Republican candidates argue the economy isn’t improving fast enough so, until the General Election Scott will have to continue to put his spin on the GOP spin.

“We need a federal partner who’s done what we’ve done in Florida,” said Scott.

Political scientists say Republican Governors across the country are in similar situations. Most of them will run again in two years, so they have to find a way to champion their economic achievements without stepping on the toes of Mitt Romney or other Republican candidates who say the economy is in the tank and Democrats are to blame.

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